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Workplace Insurance

Businesses are as valuable as residences. Because; Protecting profitable businesses is very important. Businesses are open to all kinds of risks. There are many dangers, especially natural disasters. Apart from this, there are many risks such as fires, accidents, floods, explosions, explosions caused by devices in the workplace.

These risks can cause great harm to workplaces. As a result of some risks, workplaces may become unusable. When faced with such sudden and undesirable situations, business owners can be in very difficult situations. In addition to the difficulties experienced in the material sense, there are also physical and moral damages. The business owner can be a tenant or a property owner. In both cases, this type of insurance remains important.

Insurance office services

insurance office services
insurance office services

Insurance office services Considering all these, it is of great importance to secure workplaces. Insurance office services for Insurance office services, first of all, solid knowledge should be obtained. Because many people do not know about workplace insurance. It is necessary to obtain information on everything from the definition of workplace insurance to Insurance office services coverage.

Our first duty as a company; to inform you about workplace insurance. Our knowledgeable insured shares their wishes and needs with our insurance consultants. Our insurance consultants prepare the policy accordingly. Our insured who has a policy can always share any question that comes to mind with our consultants. You can contact us on our contact number.

What is employers insurance and Workplace Insurance

With its general definition, workplace insurance is a type of insurance that protects the building, fixtures, and goods against many situations and accidents such as lightning, fire, explosion, earthquake, theft, flood, floods, terrorist incidents. With this type of insurance, the workplace and the goods in the workplace are insured. Insurance office services There is a wide range of guarantees.

However; Additional warranties can be added if desired. Our insurance consultants provide information on guarantees and additional guarantees that can be added. You can contact our consultants and get information about additional guarantees. As a result of accidents, guarantees can be added against moral as well as material damages.

Workplace insurance provides many advantages. First of all, the workplace and the goods in the workplace are secured. The owner of the workplace will not suffer materially or morally in case of damages that may occur in possible accident situations. With appropriate premiums to be paid in certain periods, both the workplace and the owner of the workplace are secured.

It is possible to increase the assurance by adding additional guarantees. With additional guarantees, many risks are avoided in such cases. While the owner of the workplace secures his/her budget financially, he/she also provides moral assurance. All these advantages reveal the necessity of Insurance office services.

Is Workplace Insurance Mandatory?

According to Insurance Law No. 5684, workplace insurance is not a compulsory type of insurance. Well; There is no legal obligation for this type of insurance. Therefore, people who do not have workplace insurance do not face any penalties. However; Damages and losses incurred as a result of any accident that may occur in the workplace are covered by the owners of the workplace.

Office insurance regulation

office insurance regulation
office insurance regulation

In other words; these losses and damages are covered from the pocket of the owner of the workplace. Therefore, Office insurance regulation is the savior for business owners in such accidents. Accidents and hazards can cause material damage and damage, as well as moral damage. And also; Considering that the workplace will not be able to function for a while after the accident, great losses arise for the owner of the workplace. This place, from which profit is obtained, will not be used for a period of time, so the owner of the workplace will not be able to earn a profit.

Considering these negative situations, the importance of workplace insurance is also understood. With Office insurance regulation, not only the workplace but also the owners and employees of the workplace are secured. With this type of insurance, material and moral efforts are protected. These premiums to be paid today will return to the insured as a service in the future. Our company provides the highest quality services to our policyholders within the scope of workplace insurance.

How is Workplace Insurance and Office insurance Made?

– You can have workplace insurance very easily.

– Our insurance consultants, who are professionals in their field, first inform you about workplace insurance.

– After obtaining all the information about your workplace from you, the preparation of the policy begins. While preparing the policy, additional coverage can be included in this policy if you wish. Our consultants make calculations according to the policy.

– Workplace insurance is completed after the mutual agreement is reached. At all these stages, our insurance consultants are with the insured.

You can get help from them for every detail. At the same time, we make economic presentations to you with cheap workplace insurance.

workplace insurance coverage?


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